About Us

Meet Aleisha 'The Locs Dame' Miller.


Hair Stylist. Professional Educator.


I'm Aleisha Miller, the 'Ace of All Locs Hair.' I'm a certified cosmetologist, master hair care specialist, and professional educator. I'm the owner of The X Spot Salon, where we create an unforgettable memory for each client by making them feel confident, informed, and satisfied. I'm passionate about helping beautiful women and men bring out their stunning beauty and exuding confidence through hair coils.


As a professional hairstylist with over 18 years of experience, I have worked with countless private clients, models, and event managers. Most of them rated me 5-star and became repeat customers cum brand ambassadors. I have continued to hone my hairstyling skills, becoming better each day and ensuring that each client that comes my way leaves with a regal appearance.


Because of my rare Locs skills, excellent customer service, and superb after-service skills, I was crowned the Best Loctician in 2021 by winning the Loc Queens Rock Miss Organization, LLC Award for Best Loctician in 2021.


I believe that hairstyling is not just a profession for me; it's a calling. I am passionate about pouring all I have learned to become the best in the industry into hairstyling lovers who are amateurs, novices, or professionals who want to upgrade their skills. Professionals can check out our upcoming professional courses here [Add a link to the course page]